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This timeless chronograph boasts a striking two-tone stainless steel design, mirroring the grandeur of New York City's towering buildings and vibrant colors, encapsulating the essence of the Big Apple.

Perfectly blending modern flair with timeless elements, the Gotham unquestionably stands out as a remarkable timepiece.

Rallye 1960


The 1960s laid the groundwork for the evolution of sports car racing, showcasing the importance of endurance, innovation, and the enduring appeal of iconic races like Le Mans and Sebring.

In the early 1960s, Ferrari was the dominant force in sports car racing and particularly at the 24 Hours of Le Man

The 1966 Le Mans race was a turning point for Ford. Ford achieved a historic 1-2-3 finish with the GT40 Mk II, ending Ferrari's streak of victories.

Package includes

1 x 1960 Rallye racing watch

1 x Premium leather or stainless steel strap

1 x Premium compact box